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Features of the Double Sink Medicine Cabinet

FVN3307ESNowadays, a double sink medicine cabinet has become an remarkably standard for most of the homes with larger master bathrooms. In addition to being stylish, they offer a good mix of function and type. When you want to choose a vanity with dual sinks, there are many benefits of such a choice.

The double sinks feature amazing appearance if you choose something that complements the decor well. Because they are available in a wide range of decor, you can make the most out of the space without having to compromise on the aesthetic. The practical benefits of such a cabinet cannot be overlooked. While two individuals can use the two sinks at the same time, the medicine cabinets offer sufficient space for keeping all the essential toiletries, medicines and other accessories.

Because these cabinets are also available in smaller sizes, you can fit them in your small bathroom. The usual features of a modern double sink vanity include glass countertop, medicine cabinet, fixtures, basins and other hardware such as drawer pulls and knobs.

It is possible to choose the looks of each of the component or the entire unit as a whole. With regard to furniture design, you can choose from a practical perspective, style and even size.

One of the unique features about modern double sink medicine cabinet is that they are also available in chrome hardware. You can add them to your space whether you need an upgrade or even if you are building a new bathroom.

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