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Unique Bathroom Vanities and Value

Did you know that remodeling your bathroom is the second most valuable thing you can do to raise the value of your home?  It is, and for good reason too.  More and more people are turning to the bathroom as their own personal center for relaxation.

In days past the bathroom was simply that, the bathroom.  But if you keep up on the latest trends in building and home decoration you’ll notice that the bathroom is really coming into its own and gaining more space per foot than any other room in the house.

Let me name a few of the changes you may be seeing that help this room become more and more valuable.

More square footage.  Since 1950 the size of an average house has more than doubled in size.  In 1970, a scant 30 years ago, the size of an average bathroom was about 50 square feet.  Today, 2013 most bathrooms in new built homes are larger than the master bedroom was 30 years ago, not even counting the walk in closet!

More square footage makes room for more spacious showers.  And showers now double as your own sana.  More and more showers are becoming a separate amenity from the tub, encased in glass and even have a seat built into the wall.  Just add hot water and you now have your steam room.

Larger Tubs.  Quieter tubs.  No more loud and noisy turbo tubs pumping water through high speed turbines that can peel the skin off your behind.  Now we are seeing more emphasis on ergonomic designs that allow you to soak in the warm water and unwind after a hectic day.

Unique Bathroom Vanities with appealing designs.  No more of the old boxy bathroom vanity that is big enough to hide a rhinoceros.  You are now seeing better designed, better looking, unique bathroom vanities that add a certain amount of style and flair to match the soothing design of your bathroom.

So if you are planning on a remodel to sell your home or just update it, don’t forget the upgrade the bathroom.  The money spent will return to you more than double and the extra enjoyment and relaxation you will receive can’t be shown in dollar figure.

If you’d like a few suggestions of unique vanity designs that our other customers love take a look at a few of these below:

Fresca Caro Natural Wood Modern Bathroom Vanity w/ Mirrored Side Cabinet


Fresca Largo Black Wood Modern Bathroom Vanity w/Wavy Double Sinks


Fresca Stile Modern Bathroom Vanity w/ Mirror & Side Cabinet


If you are working on a specific project with a design already in mind feel free to call us and speak with one of our design specialists.  They are great at helping you select the perfect design to finish the relaxing them you need in your new upgraded bathroom/spa.


The New World of Unique Bathroom Vanities

Unique Bathroom Vanities

A unique bathroom vanity can help completely change the looks of your bathroom. If you feel that it is time that your bathroom is modified, but do not want to spend a lot of money, it would be a smart move to check out some Unique Bathroom Vanities. Since there are hundreds of designs to choose from, when searching online, every home can find a really unique vanity to make their bathroom look different.

Traditionally, there was a trend to have a vanity that was similar to something owned by the neighbors, friends, relatives or colleagues. However, nowadays it is more important to look different. You would need to add something unique to your bathroom floor space to make your guests feel envy about.

If you are serious about having a vanity that is exceptionally attractive, it would be required to do some research. Bathroom vanity suppliers know that there is an increasing demand for Unique Bathroom Vanities. This is the reason some of them make limited quantity of specific styles. It would be necessary to spend some time researching on the web to find a unique supplier that offers such limited “edition” vanities.

You can compare a number of exceptional options in terms of their features, styles, materials and budgets. In addition, it is also important that the Unique Bathroom Vanities match with the decor of your bathroom space. Once you have added a distinctive vanity to your bathroom, it would not just make the space more appealing, but it would also enhance the equity of your home.

Explore a world of Unique Bathroom Vanities by checking the link provided here. You would be tempted to fall for each and every style.

Evaluating Unique Bathroom Vanities Before Making a Choice

Finding Unique Bathroom Vanities would your some amount of introspection to find out what you exactly require. One vanity cannot fit into every type of bathroom. Every bathroom is unique and you can find different types of vanities to choose from.

There are elegant vanities with dark color that can help turn a bathroom into a graceful space. traditional vanities are ideal for achieving a dark color. Then, there are tropical vanities that can help create a refreshing look. They are ideal for fixing in places such as hotels, but they can also be placed in homes if you have the budget.

It is possible to choose Unique Bathroom Vanities that feature different materials for their top. You can choose from ceramic, wood, marble, metal or concrete tops. Different types of tops help create different types of vanities that can fit different types of bathrooms. When choosing a vanity, make sure that its height is comfortable for everyone in your home.

In addition, the different accessories used in making a vanity, such as the mirror, sink, and faucets would further help in making more unique additions to your bathroom. Different elements such as cabinets and different layers can further help in making even more unique designs.

When choosing a unique vanity, it would be wise to spend some time exploring all the different available options in terms of materials, designs and size. Visit a reputable online store to explore different vanities before choosing one.

If you are looking for Unique Bathroom Vanities to make your home more beautiful, check the website provided here for a wider selection.

What are the Most Unique Bathroom Vanities Available Today?

When it comes to the choice of the most Unique Bathroom Vanities, you have different materials and different types of vanity units to choose from. The choice of material can include combination of materials or individual materials such as mahogany, oak, travertine, pine, steel and glass. Whatever you choose, unique vanities would have high quality materials and would feature efficiency and longevity.

Unique Bathroom Vanities can last for a lifetime and they are relatively easier to maintain. The standard or common type of bathroom vanity consists of a mirror, a sink and a shelf. The shelf would have the cabinet for storage. It would be constructed alongside a bathroom wall. Wall mounted vanities are another type of unique vanities that would usually fit well into small sized bathrooms. Since the vanity would be mounted on the wall, it would free a space in the bathroom making it appear larger.

The corner bathroom vanity is one of the most Unique Bathroom Vanities that can help you save the most amount of space. It would be placed on one of the corners of the bathroom between two adjacent walls. It is very rare to find, as it is not considered conventional. However, from the perspective of efficiency, it is ideal because sit would consume an idle space in the corner of the bathroom.

These are the leading types of Unique Bathroom Vanities designs. It is possible to choose the design that suits best to your requirements and the need for efficient usage of space.

Choosing Unique Bathroom Vanities for your Home

When it is time to give a makeover to your bathroom, you can choose from a wide range of unique bathroom vanities. You can choose something that is basic in design, or something more contemporary, or something that is antique in looks. It is up to you to decide whether you want single or multiple sinks, mirrors and drawers. You can choose its position to be attached to the bathroom wall, beside it, or at a corner.

You have endless choices when it comes to having your unique bathroom vanities, and you can even get something that is customized to your requirements and bathroom decor. It is up to you what you want placed in your bathroom, and it would depend upon two main factors – Needs and Interests.

One of the most basic types of vanities is the one having a separate sink that stands apart from the bathroom walls. It is known as the Pedestal Sink. The next type of vanity that is further up the ladder is the type that is fixed to the bathroom wall. This would usually be a Cabinet Vanity. The third choice would be affixed at the corner of the bathroom. You can choose unique bathroom vanities in this case as they can be of the Mounted Sink type featuring a countertop or a Cabinet type.

If your bathroom is larger, you have the choice of setting up two sinks. In addition, you can make unique bathroom vanities by choosing from a wide range of material options including glass, wood and porcelain. In addition, it is possible to choose from a wide range of looks and styles including contemporary, more basic, elaborate or antique looks.

If you are searching for high quality and unique bathroom vanities for your home, make sure to explore the choices available here.

Important Points to Consider for Buying Unique Bathroom Vanities

What you do with the design of your bathroom can change the image of the entire home. Therefore, the fixtures in your bathroom form a crucial part of your home’s design. There are a few important points to be considered when it comes to choosing your unique bathroom vanities. In this case, it is not a choice of personal liking. You have to select a bathroom vanity that would not just fit into the bathroom, but it should also match perfectly with your home’s style. As all homes are not equal, the best thing you can do to your bathroom is to find a unique bathroom vanity.

Begin by finding out the amount of space available in your bathroom. Next, you would be determining the type of unique bathroom vanities that would be useful based upon your requirements. One feature to consider is the availability of space in the vanity, and another one is whether you want a single-use or double-use vanity. The amount of free space in the bathroom followed by your requirements would determine the need for these two features.

With so many options available online, it is possible to choose highly unique bathroom vanities from a world of designs and styles. It is possible to choose a style that blends with the style of your home. For example, bring home a bathroom vanity having a more traditional look or a more contemporary look, based upon the overall style of your home.

Traditionally unique bathroom vanities make great choice for older type of homes. In fact, such a style is also suitable for restaurants. On the other hand, a contemporary type of bathroom vanity would look slim and smarter. If aesthetics is the sole objective, then you can find modern vanities with lesser storage space and an extra dose of beauty to match your modern style home.

When choosing unique bathroom vanities, give emphasis to a vanity made from more stable materials because it would always have water around it. Additionally, proper care is also an integral part of maintaining the bathroom vanity’s looks. You would want something that lasts long because a bathroom vanity is an expensive investment. So make sure that you purchase something that is sturdy, meets your requirements and can be maintained with ease.

When buying unique bathroom vanities, make sure that you are getting all the accessories that you need. This includes complete set of vanity including mirrors, lights, sinks and facets among others. All these extra accessories can further help enhance the looks of your bathroom.

Purchasing unique bathroom vanities is decision that should not be taken in a hurry. You must spend some time researching before you choose the ideal vanity. The choice of the color, the material, the accessories, the style and several other factors would take some time.

Searching online would help you check a larger number of Unique Bathroom Vanities without going out of your home. Eventually, an online purchase can save you time and money, and help you choose a design that cannot be found in your local store.

Find Unique Bathroom Vanities Online!

The bathroom is usually the most common place to find privacy and relaxation within a home. Even if one despises the bathroom, they still have to spend time within the room on a daily basis.  Since that’s the case, you might as well make the bathroom as enjoyable as you can. The bathroom vanity is usually considered the centerpiece of the bathroom, along with supporting bathroom fixtures and accessories. Unique bathroom vanities are great for adding character to the room and can set the mood or atmosphere for the rest of the remodel..


People tend to remember things better if they are unique or different than what they usually see..People also tend to remember things well if they are clean and well taken care of..Why not take a look at some unique bathroom vanities for your home! They come in many colors, shapes, sizes and designs that will prevent your bathroom from looking like the same old thing. Remember this is your space so you might as well make it the way you want it!

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