Pepper White

Hello, my name is Edward (Ted) White. I was born and brought up in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada. Many of you may be wondering why this bathroom vanity “about” page contains a picture of a dog. I’m the proud owner of a four and a half year old border collie mix, rescue dog named Pepper! I remember the first time I met Pepper like it was yesterday. I was handed a small cardboard box with a 2.5 lb, malnourished, worm infested, frail looking puppy located within. I remember arriving home after a nervous drive, opening the front door, placing the cardboard box on the kitchen floor and laying down beside it: wondering if this puppy was going to live through the night. My life changed at that very moment, as it was the first time I truly understood what the term “responsibility” meant. Due to the timing of starting a new job, I couldn’t take the following day off from work. After making arrangements with some close friends, Pepper was able to make it to the vet the next day. From then on, Pepper molded me into a more responsible person whether I liked it, or not!

On April 6th, 2011, I enrolled in a course designed to help you start your own online business. One of the first things I was responsible for was picking a business name, and registering it. On April 21st, I registered the business name “TEDICO WEBSALES” based out of my hometown, Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada. I was then responsible for brainstorming ideas of what to sell, researching demand and competition, finding suppliers, determining profitability, researching words of interest, and finally choosing a domain name. On August 2nd, 2011, I purchased the rights to the domain names, and On September 16th, 2011, Top Vanity Units went live and operational. I’m currently responsible for all development, maintenance, and marketing of the website. In closing, the point I’m trying to get across to everyone is the main reason Top Vanity Units exists is because of an inspirational, small, black and white dog named Pepper White!


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