Most Popular High End Vanities For Your Home

High End Vanities
A luxurious bathroom or bedroom needs to have High End Vanities to complement the existing decor. You can choose luxurious vanities in a multitude of shapes, styles and materials. They can be straight-lined or rounded, made of wood, metal and glass. When it comes to premium vanities, contemporary and Victorian tables are the most common style options.

Usually, Victorian vanity tables feature an oval mirror fixed at the center back to create a more curved and romantic look, with the table corners usually being rounded. The Victorian style is especially noticeable in the vividly curved legs of the table. Even though, the styling can be found in any wood tone, white or dark colors are the most popularly used finishes.

Contemporary High End Vanities have an entirely different taking compared to the Victorian styles. The design typically feature cleaner lines and straighter edges. While a Victorian vanity can have multiple drawers on both sides, a modern vanity many not feature as much storage. However, a metal and glass vanity can feature additional shelves under the tabletop. A unique feature to this design can be metal trimming and tri-fold design.

Skirted High End Vanities go between the Victorian and modern vanities. They have the straight and plain features of the contemporary styling and the romantic touch of the Victorian vanities. A skirted type essentially features floral printed fabric, and if you choose something with long legs, it would be ideal to match it with long floor-touching gathered skirt.

Whether you prefer the Victorian style or the modern designs, visit the website given here for choosing the right High End Vanities.


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