Explore the Different Types of Bathroom Vanities For Sale


When you choose a bathroom vanity, you have to consider both aesthetics and the practical aspects of the furniture. Your goal should be to make the bathroom as comfortable a place as possible from both perspectives. There are bathroom vanities for sale available in a world of styles, and accessories such as sink, storage space, cabinet and mirror among others. Explore a few major varieties available on the market so that you can create an amazing bathroom to give a jolt of surprise to your guests.

If you have a smaller bathroom, check the Single bathroom vanities for sale. However, you can find them in different widths to fit into all room sizes. Choose from free-standing vanities to some mesmerizing wall-mounted pieces with almost any size in terms of width to suit your requirements. A typical single vanity would have just the amount of space required for a sink and a small cabinet. A large single vanity can be as wide as 75 inches with a centrally positioned sink so that you can place all your accessories on both the sides. They would have sufficient width for giving you a drawer and cabinet.

The double bathroom vanities for sale would have a pair of sinks in free-standing or wall-mounted options. If you have a large home where the bathroom may be used by more than just one person then, these vanities make an ideal choice. With the need for accommodating two sinks, it is natural that double bathroom vanities must be wider. The typical width ranges between 50 and 80 inches. The layout would consist of some space between the two sinks for holding accessories. In addition, the storage space would typically have a multitude of cabinets and drawers.

If you have much smaller bathrooms, corner bathroom vanities for sale make the ideal choice. The goal here is to free floor space in a small room. They would have just a single sink and the shape is such that it can easily fit into the corner of the room. Usually, these are free-standing pieces.

All these vanity types would be available in a wide range of styles. The different bathroom vanities for sale would also vary in terms of the material used. The more traditional styled vanities would have a top made from granite, marble or ceramic, and the cabinets made from wood. Even though, these materials are also used in the case of modern designs, glass, metal and plastic are the more commonly used materials here.

Based upon the style of the bathroom vanities for sale you are considering, the style and the material of the sink would vary. In the case of traditional vanities, the sinks are usually made of stone or porcelain. The sink material in the case of modern bathroom vanities can include glass and even metal such as stainless steel or copper.

If you want to add new bathroom vanities in your home, it would be best to check online Bathroom Vanities For Sale. In addition to saving money, you would also be able to find much more variety in terms of style and materials as compared to a traditional store.


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